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Top 5 Reason Why Aquarium Filter Is The Core Hardware for A Low Maintenance Aquarium

An aquarium filter is indeed a core hardware component for creating a low maintenance aquarium. Here are the 5 reasons why:

Top 1 Water Quality:

A filter plays a vital role in maintaining good water quality in an aquarium. It removes physical debris, excess food, fish waste, and other organic compounds from the water, preventing them from decomposing and polluting the aquarium. Clean water reduces the risk of disease and provides a healthier environment for fish and other aquatic organisms.

Top 2 Biological Filtration :

Many filters provide biological filtration, which is essential for maintaining a stable nitrogen cycle in the aquarium but not every brand and filter design truly able to perform at it best all the time (here we means that the filter still able to filter out debris and keeping beneficial bacteria alive) in Big Aquarium we have tested that few products that we find out it really works:

Canister Filter/ External Filter :

Fluval 07 series ;

FX Series ;

We found out that what size of aquarium suitable to use what size of filter and the time to do maintenance :

2ft Tank :

207 : 2mth

307 : 3mth

407 : 6mth

Fluval 07 Series
Fluval 07 Series

3ft Tank :

207 : 1mth

307 : 2mth

407 : 4mth

307 x 2pcs : 6mth

4ft Tank :

307 : 1mth

407 : 2mth

407 x 2pcs : 6mth

Fluval Aquarium Filter
Fluval Aquarium Filter

5ft Tank :

407 : 1mth

407 x 2pcs : 4mth

FX4 x 2pcs : 6mth

FX6 x 2pcs : 9mth

6ft Tank :

407 x 2pcs : 3mth

407 x 3pcs : 6mth

FX4 x 2pcs : 4mth

FX6 x 2pcs : 6mth

Hang On Filter

Seachem Tidal Series

Fluval C Series

We found out that what size of aquarium suitable to use what size of filter and the time to do maintenance :

60cm Tank :

Tidal 110 : 6mth

Tidal 75 : 3mth

Tidal 55 : 1mth

Fluval C4 : 2mth

Hang On Filter
Hang On Filter

50 - 55cm Tank :

Tidal 110 : 9mth

Tidal 75 : 6mth

Tidal 55 : 4mth

Tidal 35 : 3mth

Fluval C4 : 3mth

Fluval C3 : 2mth

Fluval C2 : 1mth

35 - 45cm Tank :

Tidal 35 : 2mth

Tidal 55 : 3mth

Fluval C3 : 2mth

Fluval C2 : 1mth

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Beneficial bacteria colonize the filter media and break down toxic ammonia (produced from fish waste) into less harmful compounds like nitrite and finally nitrate. This process is crucial for the overall health and well-being of the aquarium's inhabitants.

Top 3 Mechanical Filtration:

Aquarium filters remove debris and particulate matter from the water through mechanical filtration. This helps maintain clarity in the aquarium and prevents the accumulation of unsightly waste materials. Cleaner water not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also makes maintenance tasks, such as water changes, easier.

Top 4 Circulation and Flow:

Filters promote water circulation and flow within the aquarium. Proper water movement helps distribute heat, nutrients, and oxygen evenly throughout the tank. It prevents the formation of stagnant areas, which can lead to the growth of harmful bacteria or algae. Additionally, consistent water flow aids in the dispersal of carbon dioxide and the uptake of oxygen by plants.

Top 5 Time and Effort Savings:

By effectively maintaining water quality and reducing the need for frequent manual cleaning, a good filter can significantly reduce the time and effort required to maintain the aquarium. With a properly sized and maintained filter, you can enjoy a low maintenance setup while still providing a healthy environment for your aquatic pets.

In summary, an aquarium filter is the core hardware for creating a low maintenance aquarium because it ensures water quality, provides biological filtration, aids in oxygenation, performs mechanical filtration, improves circulation, and saves time and effort in maintenance tasks.

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5 Reason Why Aquarium Filter is The Core Hardware
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