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Custom-Made Fish Aquariums

Bringing a custom-made fish aquarium or living reef into your residence introduces you to a new world of beauty, elegance, and fascination. No family member or visitor, young or old, will be able to resist the awe of this colorful, ever-changing living spectacle. Big Aquarium's skilled designers will build your aquatic installation to your specifications, utilizing the aquarium and cabinetry materials that are most suitable for your specific space. 

Tailor Made Aquariums

Big Aquarium works with you, your interior designer, or even your architect to ensure that a custom-made fish tank complements the décor of your home. We can design an aquatic environment that will impress and inspire anyone who walks through your doors. A well-constructed and well-kept custom-made fish tank and other marine life can brighten up any space. We deliver and install your aquarium, stock it with your choice of fish, plants, corals, and other aquatic life, and provide full maintenance on a schedule that works for you.

custom made fish aquarium

Superior Interior Design

Our interior installations complement your interior design. They are tailored to the specific requirements of your building, while our exterior installations are as long-lasting and durable as they are visually appealing! We can create a custom-made fish aquarium in various thicknesses, shapes, and sizes and install them in cabinets, wardrobes, walls, partitions, counters, and tables. The materials used to construct our fish tanks are of the highest quality. Our fish tank cabinets are also available in various colors, including marble, walnut, gloss wood, glitz gloss, and others.

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Custom-made fish aquarium
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