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Custom Fish Tank Design

You already know what you want. You are aware of the unrivalled design statement that a custom fish tank design will make in your space. Big Aquarium takes full responsibility for bringing your vision alive. And, as custom aquarium designers, we must include every type, shape, and design element known to man.

Bringing Your Vision Alive

Throughout the planning phase, we will assist you in visualizing the different angles of view, possible sizes, desired effect on the room, and, of course, the types of fish and décor you'd like to integrate into the project design. Feel secure in the knowledge that we speak your language. Big Aquariums' knowledge, experience, and success have not gone to our heads. It's all in the details, and this is where we separate ourselves from the crowd. It's one thing to have a wow factor on opening day; it's another to keep it up one, two, or three years later. So how do we go about it? By designing a long-lasting aquarium system!

custom fish tank design
custom fish tank design

Specially Made For You

Only the best materials are used in our systems. We will not cut corners using low-quality tank filtration components, even if they are more expensive. We have fish tanks up to 5 feet that can be customized based on your aesthetics. Whatever you decide, Big Aquarium has you covered. We will never cut corners when it comes to custom fish tank design. We invite you to contact us and schedule a free consultation to discuss your custom design project.

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Custom-made fish aquarium
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