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Aquarium Set-Up Service

You want to build your fish their dream home if you're a serious fish enthusiast. When you work with Big Aquarium to design a custom aquarium, you can count on us to build it nicely from top to bottom. We can create any shape and size aquarium you require. You can send us an existing design or collaborate to create one from scratch. Everything, including filtration, lighting, and decoration, will be handled by our team. We also offer an aquarium set-up service.

Illuminate Your Space

Our clients choose Big Aquarium to help design or re-design their freshwater aquariums, to take over tank upkeep and form a program tailored to long-term success, and to advise them on the best livestock, chemicals, water, and other factors. We understand the weight and stand requirements and the proper tank size for beginners to seasoned experts. While installing a freshwater aquarium is more accessible than installing a saltwater aquarium, we have experience and knowledge that will advantage your investment in the long run.

aquarium set up service
aquarium set up service

Fish Tank Installation

Big Aquarium has been working with many clients since our business took shape. We have the expertise you need when setting up or redesigning your freshwater aquarium. Our freshwater aquarium set-up service includes colorful fish, custom stands, and even live plants. Once we have the foundation for success, we carefully create an incredible landscape of starter inhabitants until we fully cycle the tank to handle bacteria and safe water parameters for the most sensitive inhabitants.

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Custom-made fish aquarium
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