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About Us

Fishkeeping is not only a fun hobby, but it adds a touch of natural beauty and elegance to any space.
At Big Aquarium, we make fishkeeping a whole lot easier with our quality selection of aquarium supplies.
Big Aquarium exists because we believe that quality fish tank supplies should be available to all who enjoy this hobby. We hope to be the go-to aquarium supply store for Malaysian hobbyist to create the perfect aquarium in their house, office, or shop.


Aquarium Supplies In Malaysia

We've discovered that our clients are environmentally conscious, price-conscious, and seek high-quality fish and aquarium supplies Malaysia. Most people would argue that those three factors are incompatible. While we offer every aquarium supplies in Malaysia available, we also provide aquarium maintenance, services, and custom tank design to fit any space. In addition, many homes, offices, and eateries feature our custom work and use our maintenance service to provide the best environment for their aquatic pets.We recognize that assembling a professional team is critical to our success. To ensure the company's development, enhancement, and stabilization, management educates all team members and instills spirit and passion in everyone.

Our Purpose

To Uplift The Whole Experience Of Aquarist


I was born in the heart of KL on 15th May 1987. Life wasn’t easy for my family and I’ve witnessed my father working hard every day to run his business and striving to make everyone’s lives better.


Throughout my life, I’ve witnessed countless of people giving up their dreams in order to survive in this harsh society. However, fishkeeping is and has always been my passion since young and I have established an aquarium experience concept shop to inspire and share the fun and fulfillment in fishkeeping with everyone.

Big Aquarium was formed with the intention of encouraging everyone to work towards their passion and dream while still being able to generate a higher income.By investing our hearts and brain into what we do, we can turn a Dream into a Better Future.


I wholeheartedly invite those who are passionate and looking for a better lifestyle to join us at Big Aquarium.

Our Quality Supplies

We take customer satisfaction seriously in our products. Quality control measures are in place aquarium supplies in Malaysia to ensure that samples from each batch are checked before they are placed on shelves and shipped to customers. Even though it costs us more, imported products are inspected on-site in the country of origin prior to getting shipped to us. We recognize that limiting dedication to quality and satisfaction of clients to senior management has little effect. We want to guarantee that the commitment aquarium supplies Malaysia spreads throughout the organization and becomes part of our culture.


Inspire others to live their dreams with their loved one

To support who need a career in the world

 to build their great career journey at Big Aquarium by the efficient way

Inspire people to feel about Big Aquarium’s career opportunities make them more confidence to their professionalism value

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