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Fishkeeping is not only a fun hobby, but it adds a touch of natural beauty and elegance to any space. At Big Aquarium, we make fishkeeping a whole lot easier with our quality selection of aquarium supplies. Big Aquarium exists because we believe that quality fish tank supplies should be available to all who enjoy this hobby. We hope to be the go-to aquarium supply store for Malaysian hobbyist to create the perfect aquarium in their house, office, or shop.

aquarium shop petaling jaya
aquarium shop petaling jaya
aquarium shop petaling jaya
aquarium shop petaling jaya
aquarium shop petaling jaya

Aquarium Shop In Petaling Jaya

As an aquarium shop Petaling Jaya Our central emphasis is on the notion of nature aquariums, also known as aquascaping, which incorporates lush aquatic plants with driftwood and rocks to create a stunning, natural underwater landscape. Big Aquarium is your one-stop store for all aquascaping supplies, accessories, and tropical fishes. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned hobbyist, we can meet your needs. Our imported fish and aquatic options provide an unrivaled, luxurious, classy aesthetic that distinguishes us from most of the industry's aquarium stores. Our staff at our aquarium shop in Petaling Jaya are excited to serve you!


We hope that knowledge sharing is useful to every fish lover, fish keeper, and also beginner. Therefore Every Article We Post Here Was A Real Practical Knowledge That We Have Tested In Our Shop

Happy fish keeping!
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Top 5 Reason Why Aquarium Filter Is The Core Hardware for A Low Maintenance Aquarium


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What Is The Correct Placement Of Co2 Diffuser


Looking to create a low-maintenance, colorful, and educational aquarium for your family?


Our Purpose

To Uplift The Whole Experience Of Aquarist

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Mu****ad Sa****n

Its my first time coming here with my wife. We are looking some accesories for our aquarium like soil,wood & plant. Actually this is my 1st time I want to deco my aquarium. Thanks to Mr Andrew because assisting me and give me a lot of advice how to start to make a aquarium from scratch. Im very comfortable with his services. Now i have my 1st aquarium that deco by myself. 

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Har*** Mu****ar

Very well done aquarium shop with a nice selection of fishes including some boutique guppies (strain), a lot of aquatic plants compared to other aquarium shops and staff who are very knowledgable and pleasant to deal with. Friendly to beginners to the hobby and enthusiasts alike. + Easy to find parking with a nice coffee shop down the road.

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Very nice place to shop for aqua landscape. You get all the information you need to start your journey here. Fishes are healthy & energetic, landscaping in all the aquarium is mesmerizing. Must mentioned John & Ho Li Yi excellent serviced, when back 3 times in a month. 1st time just found out about this place & bought some accessories & small plant. 2nd time do some research about aquascaping& planning for placement in the house. 3rd bought it!!! So so so happy with the design. 



"A Heartfelt Thank You: Celebrating Our Valued Customer! 

  At Big Aquarium, every interaction is a chance to create a meaningful connection and an unforgettable experience. Today, we take a moment to express our profound gratitude to you, our incredible customer. Your trust in us has been the driving force behind our continuous efforts to excel and exceed your expectations.

 Your unwavering support has been the cornerstone of our journey. From the very beginning, your feedback, loyalty, and enthusiasm have ignited our passion to innovate and deliver the best possible service. We believe that each customer is a part of our extended family, and your presence enriches our community.


I was born in the heart of KL on 15th May 1987. Life wasn’t easy for my family and I’ve witnessed my father working hard every day to run his business and striving to make everyone’s lives better.


Throughout my life, I’ve witnessed countless of people giving up their dreams in order to survive in this harsh society. However, fishkeeping is and has always been my passion since young and I have established an aquarium experience concept shop to inspire and share the fun and fulfillment in fishkeeping with everyone.

Big Aquarium was formed with the intention of encouraging everyone to work towards their passion and dream while still being able to generate a higher income.By investing our hearts and brain into what we do, we can turn a Dream into a Better Future.


I wholeheartedly invite those who are passionate and looking for a better lifestyle to join us at Big Aquarium.

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Big Aquarium is a well-known aquarium shop in Petaling Jaya that specializes in importing exclusive, high-end aquarium fish and other aquatic supplies. With the rising popularity of aquariums, it is undeniably appealing to have unique fish in any aquarium; however, sourcing such attractive and rare fish species may be difficult. We are pleased to announce that we import exotic fish to meet all of your exclusive aquarium needs. Besides selling fish, aquarium shop Petaling Jaya also provides tank maintenance services. We take the responsibility of managing the mundane aspects of it for your comfort.

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Plantas De Acuario ჱ Guía Esencial 2021



Tropical Aquarium

We're Hiring

Come and Join our Dynamic Team !

Are you feeling bored and wanna look for new challenge in your current job ? Are you passionate with fishes & aquatic living?

If today there was a second chance for you to do what you really love to do in a same time can allow you to earn a good income ?
Great news for you one of Malaysia Biggest Aquarium Shop will be opening soon and we are look for passionate fish lover who really want to make this as their career

How To Clean a Fish Tank With

Aquarist (Internship)

A professional aquarist is responsible for the caretaking of fish and underwater animals. In this role, the caretaker monitors the animals’ diets, oversees tank cleanliness, and recognizes signs of sickness or distress.

Casual Discussion

Customer Care (Assistant / Support)

Attracts potential customers by answering product and service questions, suggesting information about other products and services and fulfill customer needs to ensure customer satisfaction.

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