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How To Know When Need To Change Water & Wash Filter ?

Regular water changes and filter maintenance are essential for maintaining a healthy aquarium.

Alot of time we recieve many different advice on when need to change water some say once a week do 50% and some will say once every month do 30%. In fact it is really depends and in order to justify when need to change water is about first to understand our current water parameters first in this case we will refer the 3 core parameters PH/Ammonia/No3. Why this 3 are because these parameters will have direct effect on our fish healthy level and tank cleanliness that is why it have tl be these 3.

So here are some general guidelines & Steps to help you determine How To Know When Need To Change Water & Wash Filter:

Guideline 1 : Water Quality Testing

Yes in here basically test the water first to know our pH/Ammonia/(no3) nitrate level first.

Standard acceptable level to determine that we can skip water changing routine are below :

pH : 6.5 - 7.0 (most tropical fish)

pH : 7.0 - 7.8 (most chichlid and some alkaline water fish)

Ammonia : 0

No3 : less than 5ppm (as close to 0 as best)

Sera pH Liquid Tester Result Indicator
Sera pH Liquid Tester Result Indicator

Different Indicator for Different Water Parameter
Different Indicator for Different Water Parameter

Sera NO3 Tester Result Indicator
Sera NO3 Tester Result Indicator

If your water are beyond any of above range than you need to change your water as below :

Tank Which More Than 1 Month No Change Water :

Step 1: Perform daily change 10% water for 5 days

If NO3 level still above 5ppm and Ammonia still above 2 ppm and Ph still not stable

Step 2 : On Day 6 perform 50% change water and check filter sponges if dirty clean or throw it and decide want to upgrade biological media like (seachem matrix)

Tank Which Do Weekly or Every 2 or 3 week once :

Step 1 : Check Filter Sponges if dirty wash it and change it this will make water acidity and Ammonia high

Step 2 : Check Biological Media if dirty rinse it with aquarium water if you rinse with Tap Water you will kill all the beneficial bacteria immediately

Step 3 : Change 50% Water Wait for half day do water testing again. If Water parameters still not in a acceptable level go step 4

Step 4 : Decide to Upgrade Biological Media or Chemical Media Yes if done from step 1 to 3 means something wrong with the filter media. (You can contact us for professional advice on how to solve it. Show us this article you will entitled to get 7% from ur next purchase).

Guideline 2 : Visual Inspection

Observe the water clarity and appearance. If the water looks cloudy, discolored, or has a foul odor, it's a sign that the water quality may be compromised, and a water change is needed.

Guideline 3 : Nitrate Levels

Nitrate is a byproduct of the nitrogen cycle in the aquarium. High nitrate levels can indicate the accumulation of waste and excessive nutrients in the water.

Becausw sometimes maybe you accidentally feed alot or suddenly died alot of plant in your aquarium.

If the nitrate levels consistently rise above acceptable levels (usually above 20 ppm), perform a water change to reduce them.

Remember, these are general guidelines, and the frequency of water changes and filter maintenance may vary depending on the size of your aquarium, the number and type of fish, and other factors. It's always a good idea to monitor your aquarium closely and make adjustments as necessary to maintain a healthy environment for your aquatic pets. How To Know When Need To Change Water & Wash Filter ? (If not sure welcome to contact us we will guide you through everything **please show us this article in you will get 7% off from your purchase**)

How To Know When Need To Change Water & Wash Filter
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